Epic Airsofter

The Airsoft Manual

Team Death match

Two starting points, everyone has 1+ live(s). Can be played with medic rules. Kill until everyone on the other team is out.

Capture the Flag

Two or one flag(s) in each base. Or one in the middle of the field. 1+ live(s), medic rules can be applied. To win, bring enemy flag back to your team’s base.

Village Defense

One team defends while other team attacks. Defenders have 3+ lives and no medic while the attackers have 1 life with medics, medics have 2+ lives. Defenders must hold “Village” for designated time to win; attackers must kill defenders to win.


Smoke bomb is placed in one team’s base, that team must defend the smoke.The attacking team must ignite the smoke bomb before being eliminated. Defenders have 3+ lives and no medic and attackers have 2 lives with medic.


One team has a designated person to be the VIP. They must escort the VIP to the extraction point before the VIP is killed. The other team must kill the VIP to win. Attacking team (VIP team) has 2 lives. VIP has 3 lives, with only a pistol is equipped. Defending team has 2 lives. No medics for either team.


There are three teams, the hostages, rescuers and the guards. The guards patrol the scattered hostages while the rescuers search and come in to save the hostages. Everyone has two lives and no medics. To win the rescuers must retrieve at least half of the hostages without them dying. The guards must kill all of the rescuers and (if saved) the hostages to win. Hostages may be equipped with one pistol only.

There are also battle re-enactments and other game types we have thought of.

  Airsoft Rules

If hit must say “HIT” loudly

If gun is hit must say “GUN HIT” loudly (doesn’t count as a life)

No Cheating

Be careful with guns, equipment, etc…

No arguing, if you are hit then to bad

No stopping the game just to reload

Make it as “Realistic” as possible

Do not waste your ammo

Obey all the rules set for the game type

Minimum engagement range is 5 ft for all AEG's
Minimum engagement range is 2 ft for all pistols and Shotties

Establish Positions/ Prepare for Battle

Assign everyone in your squad or on your team a certain task or role; such as Sniper, Support Gunner, and Assault gunner.  

Use hand signs and communicate with your team.

Flank the enemy or catch them off guard and surprise attack them.

Use strategy, don’t just run out there and get yourself shot.