Epic Airsofter

The Three Main Classes

Below are Three of the main classes that almost everyone will fall into. Below the classes is lists of the equipment each role should have.

The Quick and Merciless (Infantry)

The infantry role is what a lot of players fall into. They are the ones that are running right to the front lines and taking the majority of the enemy fire. To be infantry, you need to be fast and agile. Also included in infantry is the class of Spec. Ops. (Special Operations), who do specific assignments.  You don't necessarily need to master stealth, but it could help in flanking the enemy. Some strategies include flanking the enemy while other support gunners or infantry direct the enemy fire towards themselves. Also just the good old leap frog where two squads cover each other as they advance on after another.

The Guys with the BIG Guns (Support Gunners)

Support gunners play a very important role in turning the tide of battle and winning. They can surpress the enemy while other infantry and snipers flank or advance. Their key role is to lay down some heavy fire and keep the enemy in their cover while your other men flank or advance. When it comes to support gunners, your going to want a bigger gun with a larger clip, such as my 5000 round box mag. Your going to need those rounds to lay down that suppressive fire on the enemy. Support gunners also dont necessarily worry about kills, or accuracy. More along the lines of areas suppressed.

The Stealthy Assassins (Sniper)

Snipers are also very important on the battle field. The role of the Sniper including secretly sneaking behind enemy lines and picking off the enemy, or being back by the support gunner picking off the enemy from a straight on perspective. Snipers should be masters in stealth and in accuracy.

The Equipment

A nice easy to move gun with a good fps (300-400)
A small light Tactical Vest to hold things like smoke bombs, mags, etc...
Face Mask, BB's will sting more on the front lines, and a Helmet if wanted
Extra Magazines and Ammo

Support Gunners-
A bit bigger of a gun, such as the SAW, or just an M4, FAMAS or M16 etc. with a box magazine or a very hi-cap mag.
A little bit bigger of a vest that can hold more items in it like Smoke bombs, grenades, ammo refill, medic supplies etc...
Face Mask and Helmet if wanted, or just a pair of safety goggles
Possibly a back pack, but not required
Gun should be in the 350-450 or higher fps range

A long range gun that has an fps of about 400+ fps (Can get even higher such as a 720 fps gun)
A belt that can hold just 3 or 4 things on it
A Gillie suit if possible ( A suit the is draped with plants and things that help a sniper blend in)
A regular pair of goggles